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our museum leadership team

Has the specialized experience, training, and professional education
to make this museum a world class institution

Museum Curator

The Museum Curator, Sarah A. Burgos, is a professional scholar of American history who specializes in textile preservation. She has directed major conservation projects to save priceless historical flags and has curated more than twenty public exhibitions.

Before and After Conservation. One of the last approximately ten remaining national flags from the Mexican American War (1846-1848)

After Conservation National Flag

Before and After Conservation. An expertly hand-embroidered Commonwealth of Virginia flag from 1876.

After Conservation Commonwealth of Virginia Flag

Command Historian

Alexander Barnes is a professional military historian with thirty years of experience in the Marine Corps and the Army. Some of his most recent books are Play Ball!: Doughboys and Baseball During the Great War and “To Hell with the Kaiser”: America Prepares for War, 1916–1918

Major General Timothy P. Williams

Adjutant General of Virginia

Brigadier General James W. Ring

Director of the Joint Staff of Virginia

Command Chief Master Sergeant
James J. Profita

Virginia National Guard Senior Enlisted Leader