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To invigorate and fortify the people of America, Virginia, and the American military by bringing to life the Virginia National Guard’s 400+ years of protecting and defending the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America both at home and abroad.

We Must Speak Out About

HOW Virginia’s citizen soldiers fought for liberty across the centuries and still fight today.

HOW every soldier and airman is a vital component to the National Guard’s mission.

HOW Native Americans fought to secure their ancestral lands.

HOW soldiers of color and immigrants fought for recognition and then for America.

HOW women strengthened the fight and stand ready against any challenge.

HOW they all fight for America. We must all join forces to make their stories known.


We will unwaveringly listen to all communities about how the Museum of the Virginia National Guard can best serve the public. We are committed to ethically sharing the stories of people of color, Indigenous peoples, all genders, identities, beliefs, cultures, military personnel, and civilians with respect and equity.